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Is anyone else watching "Scandal"? I really liked the first episode. Olivia kicks ass!
Is anyone else watching "The Firm"? Is it true that it's been canceled?
Is anyone else watching "Doc Martin"? I love this series!
Is anyone else wathching "The Finder"? Didn't think I'd like it but I do. They'll probably cancel it.
Is anyone else watching "Coronation Street"? It's been on the air longer than the majority of my LJ friends have been alive! It's da bomb!
I should be in a snit that the evening eps are postponed but it's the NHL PLAYOFFS!!!!
That reminds me, I should get out my riot gear......

I'm glad I don't get any of those fancy cable networks (but I wish I did!) or I'd have trouble leaving the house.

I gotta say; it's amazing just how enjoyable it is to escape from the real world with a remote, a tall drink on ice and a great television (that special friends gave you one Christmas). Thank Gawd for mindless entertainment for the masses!

Does anyone have any series/mini-series they would recommend I get into?
The British "Sherlock" series comes highly recommended. What else is out there I don't know about?