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early morning coffee

and ms_nerd makes for a great start to a hectic day.

She had me doubled over laughing this morning talking about "Bentlee" vaseline eating Bassett Hound. ::ah, sigh:: Dogs. y'gotta luv em!!

I've had way too much caffeine and sugar today. wOOt!

Lance_Nerd handed me my :o( useless piece of shit Timberlake/Christina concert ticket this morning so I can get my money back. Watch them swing by at a later date to make up for the border fuck-up and we'll have craptastic seats if we buy tickets again. And is TB going to refund their 'fees' when refunding the tickets? They'll probably charge us for coming back for refunds. bitter much?!

She also set before me a special package sent to me all the way from Australia. *squeeeeeeeeeee* ort my DownUnderDivaofDelight(who should be kidnapped and brought to Canada for an undetermined length of time) has sent me presents. ::bounce:bounce:: Ort, honey, in my haste to sample "them" I might have accidentally tasted/shared a couple of them with lance_nerd before reading your hand written instructions/warning.
That said, the hand written instructions/warning had me once again doubled over in hysterics! I wish you HAD included the "spiders"!!!
You're the best and I heart you very very much.

Also, I will have to find out about PAL vs NTSC. I'm dying to see just how sick and twisted you really are! :o) The sicker and twisteder, the better, mate.


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Jun. 19th, 2003 03:43 pm (UTC)
I did warn you I was a freak!
So, did the Tim Tams live up to expectations? Aren't they the yummiest things ever. I permanently have a packet in my fridge (which goes a long way towards explaining my svelte figure)

And if you do manage to see the vid, let me know what you think.
(and just be grateful I didn't include the spiders, because I was planning on going for the Tammy Faye look, and you opened the package in a public place, and can you imagine the result. It would have been like a bad scene from Buffy)
Jun. 21st, 2003 06:16 pm (UTC)
Maybe I should have warned you that I adore freaks. Especially Southern Hemisphere ones.

Houston. We have a Problem....What the hell do I do when I run out?!!! ::twitch:twitch::

I'm still snorting madly at the idea of the Buffy spiders slipping into my lap in public. I'd have at least entertained a few people. Seismic sensors would have been triggered, but, it would have been entertaining.

Now you!! ::insert scolding finger point:: You shouldn't have sent this stuff. It cost you a bloody fortune. You need your hard earned money for better things than consoling a neurotic insecure chootoy!!! I saw how much it cost you to ship this stuff all the way here.
You have to save your money for either
A. Your steady supply of TimTams [remember svelte]
B. Your eventual airfare to Canada...

You're precious! I heart you. Now if you 'll excuse me, I hear a chilled package of TT's calling my name.

I have to find a place in town to convert the video so I won't get to see it right away. (I'm told it's a tad pricey to do. Poo! I'll keep you posted.
Jun. 21st, 2003 10:13 pm (UTC)
Coming from the land that the international world forgets exists, all our electrical equipment is designed to play foreign (supposedly incompatible) tapes and dvd's. I can automatically play NTSC in my VCR even though it isn't the system used nationally. I was hoping your machine would do the same.
(I can even dub tapes into the NTSC format, but alas I don't have 2 VCR's, otherwise I would have done that and saved you the hassle)

And if you have any Tim Tams left, you need to try a Tim Tam slam. First, bite off diagonal corners of the biscuit. Secondly, put one corner into a drink of hot chocolate, other corner in your mouth, and suck (trust me it works just like a straw), then quickly put the biscuit in your mouth, because by now it will have begun melting. Viola, a Tim Tam slam.
Jun. 23rd, 2003 11:56 am (UTC)
::stares at video tape::...
::stares at VCR::...
::stares at video tape::...
::stares at VCR::...
::walks over to computer to respond to comment::

I will get up the courage to stick the tape in by the end of the day, I just know it. Curiosity is going to get the better of me and I will throw caution to the wind. I'll let you know what happens.

*meep* The TimTams, sadly are (already).................gone.
Yes. YES, I AM a PIG and I didn't get a chance to experience the "TimTamSlam"
might have to board a southern hemisphere bound jet plane and experience it first hand after an expert demonstrates the 'Slam' step by step.

I've been thinking of wonderous foods I could send you that we have here that you might not have experienced yet ...
Ever have a "Passion Fruitie" or a "Caramel Cake"'Sponge Toffee'? (my favouritest candy EVER!!!)

Maybe I'll just have to send off a care package to you...

Well, I'm craving sugar like nobody's bi'ness so I'm going to go find some.

Carry on.
Jun. 23rd, 2003 10:02 pm (UTC)
I don't think (think being the operative word), that you can actually ruin your VCR. The tapes are the same size, it's just the ?frequency that is different.

Anyway, I wish you luck and a healthy working VCR!
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