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Hope they have time to build the stage...

This special Timberlake?Aguilera Club Date in L.A. thing is like rubbing salt in a wound for me!

How come they could throw an impromptu show together in a snap in L.A . but couldn't maneuver around a time delay at the border for a show here?

I want to be really really angry and hate all involved but all that happens is the more I think about the 'non'show, the sadder I get. I know, I know what a whining biotch

I just stared at Access Hollywood tonight while JT and CA laughed and babbled and joked about their show.
Couldn't even bring myself to tape any of it. Man, this has bummed me out more than it should have.

I suck.

Life sucks.

And now to bed because I get to see if I can get the rest of my root canal done first thing tomorrow morning. :o(
and how are you spending your Saturday morning?

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