Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

If politics bore you.

skip this post.

shame on you!

So, for the next little while there doesn't seem to be much else important going on in North America other than Elections.
(and a 700 billion dollar monopoly game)

The elections seem pretty big deals for both Canada and the United States this time around and I'm curious just who is going to go out this election and make a difference? (above or below the border)

Who will vote more?

..Men or women?
..Young or old?
..Rich or poor?
..Landed immigrants or those born and bred?
..Which ethnic group(s) will be the biggest percentage of the voters?

I'm admittedly not always 'politically passionate' but for some reason, our Federal Election means so much to me this time. Don't get me wrong, I've always, ALWAYS exercised my right to vote (even when it was to ruin a ballot) but I've always voted from the day I could.
At election time, I always think of Australia's take on voting. (correct me if I'm wrong) But if you DON'T vote - you can go to jail or pay a fine. You HAVE to go and be part of the process.
I think of the countries where thousands of people risk their lives for the privilege to vote. Of all the brave people who've lost their lives for the right to a democratic vote, of citizens that walk for days to reach voting stations.
And I think of the hurdles overcome in our countries that have granted more and more of their citizens the right to vote.

The right to vote

Don't take it lightly. Don't be apathetic. Exercise your right to vote.

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