Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Will anyone really want to do this much work?

Would anybody want to tackle a meme that may require some digging, may involve calling parents/sibling/relatives, possibly some scanning, some planning and coordinating with family and/or friends, a little imagination and a (digital?) camera with a timer (or a friend to shoot you). I blame Crooked Brains for this!

Here's what you do:

1. Find a picture of you before the age of, oh let's say five.

2. Take a picture of you now in the same pose as that shot.

Have a look at some examples of Crooked Brain's "Old Me/Now Me". (some of them are creepy/funny/cute)

3. Then post your "Me Then/Me Now" pictures and these instructions in your journal and encourage your Friends List to do the same.

So, c'mon, show us how cute/awkward/funny/adorable you looked like then and how you look now if you were to pose the same way today.

If the camera had been invented when I was a child I'd have my own "Me Then/Me Now" posted.
Just kidding - I have to find the box all the family pictures are in and find one that I want to recreate.

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