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"Interview" questions from coreopsis

1. What's your favorite Tony Lucca song and why?

But I love ALL of Tony's music. I know, that's such a cop-out answer so I will pick just one...
"Afte All" (I hope I have the title right) It is one of his songs that stays with me after I've listened to it.
It's so very melancholy, yet full of hope.
It makes me think about my childhood and dreams and the disappointing reality of the here and now.
I also makes me want to write a screenplay loosely based on the verses.....maybe one day. maybe

2. Going with the Tony theme, what one question would you like to ask him? And it doesn't have to be face to face or in public--it can be anonymous and private and he's guaranteed to answer.

Hmm, well, gee, to avoid asking him a 'fan' question he hasn't heard a gazillion time, I think I would ask him if he believes in reincarnation and what did he think he was in another life. And would he like to find a quiet place to discuss it.

3. Who is the funniest person you actually know? And who is the funniest person you know of--like celebrities or writers or whatever?

A girl at work named Sue. She's crazy. If the second part of this question means I have to know them it would be nobody, but if it's which celebrity I find the funniest, I'd have to say Chris Kirkpatrick. He's quick with his wit. He'd have me in stitches constantly. I'd die on the spot if I ever got close enough to him to witness him in action first hand!

4. Do you ever wish you were more open in your LJ or do you more often think "oh no, why did I say that??" Or are you pretty content with the amount of yourself you reveal?

I wish I was more open in my LJ.

5. Monkeys are just inherently funny. Why is this?

I think it's because they're so much like humans. It's almost like they're slap stick comics with great comedic timing.
They're off the chart on the adorable scale too.

bonus question Do you like how I managed to work in like ten questions into five? hee!
No. Comment. :o)

And with that, I'm sure if I was in a popular boyband, my band mates would never let me answer any of the interview questions!

Would anybody like me to interview them?

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