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A Grim Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a happy little LJ chootoy that had lots and lots and lots of pictures of sparkly dance boys.
Until one day a horrrible and ugly monster came along and killed her computer, eating all the pretty puppy pictures the sweet but stupid chootoy left sitting on her hard drive.
Now, this daft little chootoy is trying to rewrite her Lucca/Lance fic challenge story that was eaten by the horrible and ugly monster because she left it on her HD too. And she now needs a picture of The Timberlake Kid with a shit eating grin on his face to use in a graphic that will go with the story if she remembers what she's written.
Would any of you that live in the magical land of LJ happen to know where she could go to shamelessly steal a picture or two, because of course, her bookmarked sites were eaten by the horrible and ugly monster as well.
She hopes the ugly monster gets a twisted colon and dies.

*sigh* anybody got any smiling Justin pictures hanging around?

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