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I was daydreaming on transit tonight

And I got to thinking about some of the people from the Vancouver Posse (the ones I see on a fairly regular basis) and the members of *NSync. And I thought: what would happen if they were all at some social thing at the same time, like which *NSync guy would be interested in which posse member [for their character/personality, not physical attributes]
I think:
- Lance would gravitate to bossymarmalade because of her quiet presence.
- Joey would be attracted to ms_nerd because of her bubbly light.
- Juppy would be drawn to strandia because of her energy and walls.
- JC would be attracted to glockgal because of her confidence and talent.

I guess Chris and I would sit in a corner doing shooters complaining about being old.

(I don't see the rest of the posse often enough to pair them with anyone in particular.)

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