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stuck there unable to run

...So I'm reclined waaaaaaaay back in the dentist chair(again!), listening to the high pitched scream of the drill, smelling the wonderful aroma of burning tooth pulp and beginning to unfreeze so every once in a while I get a jolt to my nerve when said drill nicks it and I spaz like an idiot and I nearly start hyperventalating wanting with all my heart and soul to sit up, rip off the fucking dental bib and walk out. I managed to sit still long enough for her to finish and put away her instruments of torture. Three visits down, oh, about 12 more to go... *sigh*

For being such a brave little toaster, I bought my self a vanilla drumstick as a reward...

And now I get to feel my cheek start to prickle as it thaws and try and avoid biting my lip until I can feel it again.

OOOooo!! Another consolation - a couple of ebay winnings arrived today. wheeee!

the above was brought to you by the Canadian Dental Association and National Assocation of Whiners. Thank you and good night

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