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nice weather if you're a ducking fuck

My goodness, how does the sky hold so much liquid before it lets it all dump on us at once? And yesterday afternoon here in Vancouver was brilliantly sunny. This city's weather, I tell ya. ::shakes head::

It was a busy night last night downtown, and not because of the Canuck's game. I think I walked by eight or nine used hyopdermic needles this morning and nearly witnessed a beating. And it's only about four or five blocks from the Starbucks to my campus.

But I haad coffee with the ever lovely and sparkly ms_nerd this morning. Poor her though, I enticed her to join me for coffee because I thought our sweetie strandia had a morning shift today. She's not working until this afternoon. Rats!

But we squeed and giggled like the teenies we are about SDB and she's got me all edgy and impatient on her potential fic she's going to write.

and now - I'm off to ring out the bottom of my soggy pants.

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