Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Of the totally random

Hee. A server in my local Blenz has an amazing resemblance to Torchwood's Gwen Cooper.
Sadly she'd never heard of the show. She wrote the name down on her wrist though and is going to google it at home tonight.

My neighbour's dog(Penny) has a crush on my orange cat(Pixel). They talk to each other through my apartment door. For serious!

I will pay someone good money to come help me purge my apartment of all the crap I don't need!!!

An expression that has and always will crack me up is; 'giving someone the stink eye'.
I don't know why I find it so funny! I'm snorting just typing it.

Dare I start talking at all about last night's LOST finale?!? OMG!!!11one1!

LJ as message board: silvrsolace Did you happen to get your jewelry back yet?
I will call you later about weekend. *muah* ::rubs poor tummy:: Hope you're feeling better Peanut.

I'm afraid to go and see "The Strangers". But I want to. But I fear it might scar me for life.

As I said, of the totally random.

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