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a long weekend...

is over. But it's another short week. Yay.
Well, sorta yay. Big scary dentisty things happening on Friday for me. meep
Downtown Vancouver can be the most beautiful place in the world at times. [despite seeing a pool of puke that some poor sap stepped in and left a one-footed puke trail for 1/2 a block, and the crack-addled lost souls lurching about in doorways and crosswalks waiting for/looking for their suppliers with their little rocks of goodness]
But despite seeing the pussulant underbelly of this big city, I ventured off to Starbucks on a whim. Unfortunately there was no strandia on duty this a.m. however, I did get a hug from one of the regular a.m. gals. [she's my not-Rae to Justin's not-trace]Anyway, after all the hugs and hellos, I discovered that I'd left my wallet at home, so, *eek* no $$$ to pay for my 'grande non-fat latte'. . . They gave it to me - free.
[insert picture of me with jaw dropped open like a trout]
They waved me off saying 'I was practically family' so there y'go.

So, erasing the icky beginning to my day, I sit now sipping a tastey Starbuck's latte and wait for students to invade my day.

And how is your morning going so far?

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