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The kid's good

Just went and looked at the 'image_service' pictures of Justin.

Man, how does Justin do it?! He could smile for a firing squad I bet.
Getting photographed a bazillion times and with upright cows no less.
(has the boy no shame?)
Having to amuse a stupid reporter with thumb wrestling.
Getting huggd by a spandex'd, masked wrestler. ::shudder::
Sheesh! I hope he feels stupid doing these kinds of 'appearances'.
He's not 17 and crooning to the teenie boppers anymore - or is he?
I think his solo stuff (and the later *NSync stuff) is geared to a (slightly) older crowd.
But aside from Justin being everywhere. (Hell, he'd make an appearance at an opening of a cereal box)
I've been thinking that I can't even imagine JC going through all this same kind of media hoopla (aka bullshit) that Justin 'seems' to love!!
He's not good at it. OR should I say. Not good at like Justin is at it.
It'll be interesting to see how he does when he has to promote his album [if] and when it comes out.
He's just not as 'out there' with the public as Justin is.
I just hope he does well!!! Very well. I hope his fans will be behind him 110%.
And that's all I gotta say about that.

Oh, and where the hell did Justin get the stupid ass vest from? Bullet-Proof-Vests-R-Us?
Is that the latest in 'protection-fashion'? Be stylin' and be safe.
For heaven sake! And people say JC dresses funny.....

::rolls eyes::

Okay, I'm done.

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