Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Hello LJ friends

I have another random question for my lj friends list if anyone is interested in giving some input into the subject.
Hey, this makes me want to put a poll together. Hmmm. Maybe later today. Hmmmm..

So,where was I? Oh yeah, if you knew someone who was looking to buy an new dSLR camera in the six hundred to one thousand dollar range, which camera direction would you steer them in?

Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Other?

What do you love about your dSLR that made you fall in love with it and have to have it?
Was it the motion stablizer? The sonic cleaning sensor? The lenses? The physical size (does it really count)? The mega pixels. The 'shoots RAW'? The 2 1/2 inch LCD? Brand loyalty? The sales clerk behind the counter was cute and suggested the camera s/he used? What was it about your camera that made you buy it?

What would you rave about on your dSLR to convince someone looking for a camera that one like yours was the one to have?

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