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some people have it all

I have very talented friends. Very talented.
And some of them can make it look so easy.

I'm so glad glockgal shares her creations with me!!!!

an innocent little mprove from:

Joey had almost forgotten the smell of newsprint, but as soon as the
door chimes announced his entrance, it hit him like a truckful of
nostalgia. It was sweet and brittle, like wood. And ink. Well, it just
made sense.

"Comic book store!" he said delightedly to JC, who was on his cell
phone, so he just smiled.

Joey didn't care about pulling his cap down low or keeping his shades
on. He grinned widely at the comic book guy and mumbled "best comicbook
guy, ever". He bounced to the back and up the rickety stairs and
touched the Elfquests in their plastic covered and the trade paperbacks
of the JLA. He heard cellular beeps behind him, and then there was JC.

"Look. Joey, you'd like this." JC showed him long shoelaces dotted with
the Superman insignia, selling for $4.95 a pair.

Joey was about to point out that they were shoelaces, not comic books,
but then JC gently wound a shoelace first around his own wrist, and
then Joey's. It wasn't comic books, but JC's wristbone bumped lightly, or
nervously and he pulled the shoelace tight.

Joey grinned. "It's perfect."

sigh, the child knows what I like.

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