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I keep saying I hate animation

Wow! I keep contradicting myself too.

Just got home from a lecture at the school with Joseph Gilland the FX Director on Lilo & Stitch.
(Worked for Don Bloothe in Ireland!!!! "Secret of Nihm" I worship DB. He was amazing)
He is one of the major reasons I love the industry!!
Makes me just about quit my job and sign up for the 2D animation program myself.
If I had the opportunity to work with a mentor like him, I'd be sooooo there.

I hope that there is a special edition released that carries some of the dropped scenes he talked about.
And shit me!!! There is a hell of a lot more CGI in the movie than I thought.
Have to take my hat off at their seamless meshing of the two disciplines.

Cartoons Rock!!!! When they're done right.
Too many are just heaping piles of cooling poo in my opinion, but every once in a while, we get a great one.

and that's all I've got to say on that.

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