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I'm the messenger

Just got a call from ms_nerd who's way the heck over in Calgary on business.

..she asked that I give a shout out to all her peeps. (okay, she didn't put it that way. I did)

lance_nerd ::waves::

..she's having laptop withdrawal - she had to leave her beloved "Howie" at home.
..she wants to go back to her hotel room to watch "Harry Potter" but her coworkers won't let her. (stupid pooheads)
..she says business thingies went well, if anyone was wondering.
..she won't be on lj until sometime on Friday so save any breaking news until then if you could. :o)
..she's learning about calling ld on a cell phone, this call was short and sweet.
(however, I expect more when boredome *really* settles in)

This psa brought to you by Telus and IE. Thank you and good night.

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