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A mighty wind (not the movie) has been blowing around here lately something awful. It's kinda scary at night to listen to it howl and hear the trees creaking under the strain. I'm surprised the power's not been disrupted. It's weirdly still out there today. Hardly a leaf is stirring. Maybe we're in the eye of the storm or something. Better keep an eye on the weather for my a.m. hike to w.o.r.k.
So I went to a friend's yesterday afternoon to do a couple of loads of laundry and we ended up renting three videos to watch while my dainties went through the w/d.

"Whisper" (2007)
I'd never heard of it.
But the jacket had a picture of Josh Holloway (Sawyer from "Lost") on it.
And Joel Edgerton (of the brilliantly funny "Kinky Boots")
And Michael Rooker (of "Chronicles of Riddick")
I was surprised I liked it as much as I did. The kid in it is a perfectly creepy.
Some of the cinematography was breath taking.
(One negative though: the main female character's wardrobe irritated me throughout.)

"Mr. Brooks" (2007)
Any of those who know my love feelings for Kostner are wondering why.
I am too, but, William Hurt's 'Marshall' made sitting through KK worth it.
I wanted to punch Dane Cook's head in, and wanted to use Demi Moore's face to do it.
But I can't explain it - it was still a good movie. Rent it and tell me what you think.

"Disturbia" (2007)
Shia Labeouf's 'Kale' and Aaron Yoo's 'Ronnie' are adorkable together!
Worth seeing just for the teenage dorkiness.
The short opening (establishing) act is killer!
Trinity Carrie-Ann Moss plays a good worn out mom (despite her unexplained late night absence).
David Morse (recently TV House's nemesis) plays it a little predictably.
But overall Disturbia held my attention to the end.

We think we're renting "Stardust" and "Blades of Glory" next movie night.
We've also recently rented:
"Pan's Labyrinth" made me feel awful for hours
"Spiderman III" made me fall asleep about twelve times
"Transformers" big, loud, cool FX
"Man of the Year" a typical Robin Williams comedy special
"Ratatouille" didn't fall in love with it like I thought I would
ms_nerd, get better soon sweetie!

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