Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

How does that go now? Bah, Humbug?!

If anyone was wondering . . . working Christmas Day sucks.
And just so's yknow, working Boxing Day, the rest of the Xmas week, New Years Eve AND New Years Day is going to suck a big wet one even more. There, I got that off my chest. Yes, yes, I know; Pity Party of One, your table is ready.
But despite thinking my life is at its lowest right now, I wanted to make sure that I thanked ms_nerd, alittleblue, dawnchsr and chicksrus for their lovely thoughtful cards! They brightened my days as each arrived, more than you know.
And althought this might be a little late, I would like to wish all the interesting, funny, passionate, intriguing, fascinating, quirky, entertaining people on my friends list a Warm and Wonderful Christmas. And that your New Year be filled with much love and laughter and health and happiness.

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