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Next bandwagon leaves in ....

1) What is your name and state you are from? Chootoy. British Columbia.
2) Song that makes you cry? Music of My Heart.
3) One of your fave non-Nsync songs is? Blowin' Me Up (with Her Love) Does that count? If not "Dirrty" Christina
4) Fave ice cream? B&R Pralines & Cream!!!
5) Fave movie? The Haunting of Hill House (orig. 50's B&W)
6) Fave season? Summer
7) Would you rather be rich or famous? Hmmmm. Rich I guess. Some people are famous for being rich. :o)
8) What is/are your favorite color(s)? Green
9) Would you rather have a hug or a kiss? Hug
10) Who is your fave *N Sync member? JC
Part Two: Who would you date first (suspension of disbelief for the next five!):
1) Lance or Chris? Chris
2) Justin or JC? JC
3) Joey or Chris? Chris
4) JC or Lance? JC
5) Justin or Chris? Chris
6) Lance with red hair or Joey with purple? Joey
7) JC with a mustache or Justin with a beard? Justin
8) Chris bald or Joey with long hair? Joey
9) Chris with a unibrow or JC with no eyebrows? Chris
10) Lance with a potbelly or a stick thin Joey? Lance
11) JC with noticeable nose hair or Chris with noticeable ear hair? Geeze! Do I have to choose? Chris I guess.
12) Justin with one tooth or Lance with one eye? Neither? Gosh, um, I guess Justin.
13) Joey with an extra hand or Chris with an extra head? Joey
14) Food with Joey’s saliva on it or bandanna with Justin’s sweat on it? Justin
15) Chris sweaty socks or Justin’s sweaty sneakers? Justin
16) Justin with a pierced eyebrow or Lance with a pierced nose? Justin
17) Joey with a pierced tongue or JC with a pierced belly button? JC
18) If your fave member had to get a tattoo (I know JC hates needles, sorry if he is your fave.) of a princess, fairy, or a mermaid, which would you pick? To not upsest JC I'll pick a mermaid on Justin
19) Joey in briefs or Justin in a thong? Joey
20) JC wearing a bra or Chris in thong? JC in a bra
21) Lance in briefs or Justin in a bra? Lance
22) What is the grossest thing you would do to kiss your fave member? What you find gross might not be gross to me...
23) Would you rather win Lances boxers or Joey’s briefs? Lance
24) Would you rather win Lances cross or JC's Leo necklace? If it was a duplicate, JC's Leo Pendant. I don't think he should ever be without it
25) What is your dream date for meeting your fave member? Hmmm, doing 'buddy' stuff, no 'dating' pressure hanging over our heads. I'd be JC's 'Tara' non-date.
26) If you had to eat ice cream off part of an *N Sync guys body, what would it be. from JC's arms, Lance's fingers, Justin's lips, Chris' belly, Joey's neck.
27) While you are kissing your fave member, would you rather have them naked or fully clothed: fully clothed
28) If your fave member could sing you any *N Sync song, what would it be and why? For the Girl Who Has Everything. Because I think he would mean it.
29) Do you think Chris or Joey looks better in sleeveless shirts? Joey
30) Do you think Lance or JC look better in tight pants? Lance
31) Do you think Justin or JC look better in sleeveless shirts? JC
32) Do you think Chris or Joey look better in tight pants? Chris
33) Do you have any kind of weird fetish? If you have a fetish, what is it? *weird* fettish...aren't they all?
Part Three: Which would you choose?
1) Lance hanging from a ceiling fan with only one sock on or JC streaking? JC
2) Joey in a whipped cream bikini or Justin covered in hot fudge? Justin
3) Chris with pink lipstick on or Lance wearing eyeliner? Lance. OhGod! Lance
4) Would you rather see your fave member mowing the lawn naked or leaf blowing naked? blowing *snerk*
5) JC or Joey shirtless? Joey
6) Chris or Lance shirtless? Lance
7) Justin or JC shirtless? We've seen Justin in just about all degrees of undress. It wouldn't be right for JC
8) If your fave member had to sing you either a Britney or Christina song, which would it be and why? "Dirrty" JC because he'd know all the choreography and teach it to me...
9) What would you change on the *N Sync guys looks if anything? Nothing
10) Would you rather see Joey in a thong or the rest of the guys naked? Joey in a thong cause he'd make it funny. All of them naked would be just too uncomfortable for all involved.
11) Lance in briefs or JC fully clothed? JC
12) Would you eat live slugs to kiss your fave member? hmmmmm...I don't think so. Sorry guys
13) If you were in charge of dressing your fave member for a day, what would you make him wear? JC. I'd put him in comfy casual clothes. Loose fitting and soft. Dark solid colours. [leather's soft and comfy, right?!!]
14) Would you rather win Chris' silver ball chain or Joey's superman necklace? Chris' balls teehee
15) Would you rather win a lock of Lance's hair or Justin's fingernail clipping? Lance's lock
16) Would you rather peck kiss Joey on the cheek or kiss JC on the lips? Kiss JC on the lips
17) If you and your fave member were dating, what song would you want to be "your song" with your favorite member?
"Everything I Own" (I think that's the name of it)
18) If your fave member could say one sentence about you on TV, what would you want him to say? Hmmmm. How about: Chootoy's the kind of person you want to spend a lot of time with.
19) If you could be anyone affiliated with N Sync for a day, who would you be (you can't choose to be a member of N Sync)? Wardrobe
20) If you could be any N Sync member for a day, who would you be and why? JC. I'd love to see how his mind works. Love to feel the energy and passion he has on stage. Feel the creative process when he's writing. Love to see how he *really* feels about his fame and fans
21) What food would you say describes your fave member and why? JC - fresh fruit. Domestic/Exotic. Cool. Sweet. Tart. Juicy. Perfumey.

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