Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Anaheim update

Just in from outside the House of Blues, Anaheim, California.

Hot off the presses.
Sources (ms_nerd) say that Nick loves his own dick a LOT (and not just his ass)
-> He was apparently very masturbatory during the last show and they are all hoping he's the same tonight.

LN says they just heard the sound check and that Nick's guitaris just walked by them. [insert long distance squees here]

Hopes are high that "Sev", Nick's opening act, repeat their kissfest tonight - at least the slashers are hoping so.

Reports are coming in that there are at least 10 slashers strewn throughout the crown waiting in anticipation for Nick to get it on.
I mean for the show to begin.
They have still another hour or so to go which means that Lance_Nerd aka Evil Overlord of the North is getting pissed off at strangers who are not lining up where they should be and generally ignoring rules. Rules people. Follow them - especially if it means you're going to cut in line in front of an Evil Overlord.

Despite chaos on the verge of breaking out, they still sound like they're having one HELL OF A GOOD TIME!!!

Stay tuned for further updates as they come in - or until Lance_Nerd calls again.

man, is ms_nerd gonna have one hell of a phone bill when she gets home!

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