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Ooo! another bandwagon! wippeee

Gacked from everyone and their dog!

All around favorite Nsyncer? JC

Biggest drama queen of the group? Justin

The smartest of the group? Book smart? Chris maybe tied w/Lance
Most intelligent? JC

Most together mentally? JC

Most NOT like their public image? Lance

Easiest to piss off? Lance

Most obsessive about his personal things on the bus? Justin

Would most likely be about satisfying their partner sexually? Justin

Would most likely be about wanting their own sexual satifaction? JC

Who's more touchy feely, affectionate? Joey

Who's all about the hickey, both giving and receiving? Lance

Talker during sex? JC

"Loudest" during sex? Justin

Quiet during sex? JC ??Is it getting hot in here??!!

Most vanilla? Lance

Kinkiest? Joey

Largest "member"? Joey but remember size doesn't always count.

Smallest "member"? Lance

Who could most likely "do it for you" with the least amount of effort? JC!!!

That was some good fun!!!
Now, back to procrastinating aka looking busy. teehee


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