Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Well that was interesting and fun.

The Highest Votes
Burmese Mountain Dogs took 12 of 18 votes.
Absolutely!!! Doesn't everybody? took 14 of 17 votes.
Fruity cocktails took 7 of 17 votes.
The Opposum baby took 8 of 16 votes.
Stargate Atlantis took 5 of 17 votes.
_Dr Who & Supernatural tied for second with 4 votes each.
Christmas took 9 of 17 votes.
Dropping food down your shirt took 13 of 18 votes.
Scottish accent took 6 of 18 votes.
_followed by Irish with 5 votes.

There were diverse and cool Christmas wants left in the poll too. I wish they could all come true!!
glockgal! We have to pool our pennies and get one!! I wanted one since forever!
glendaglamazon! I'm with you baby!!!
karri_kln1671! Did you mean season three?!? There are two seasons of RoS out on DVD? :swoon:
siko_md, here's hoping that that good looking bloke has the sexiest accent of them all!
kare. There'll be a question in the next poll just for you.
bossymarmalade, give me a choice of 3 - 5 baked goods you want and we'll see which I make....

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