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gladiator night in canada

I went to a Canucks hockey game with bossymarmalade last night. (we had fucking nose-bleed seats but I shouldn't complain, I won them at a staff thing)
(picture Chris and JC at a hockey game)

Watched the Canucks get out skated, out shot, out maneuvered - out everything'd, basically, by the San Jose Sharks all night.
-> They won 3 - 2, thank you very much.
bossymarmalade was rooting for the Canuckleheads, I quietly, in a sea of rabid home crowd fans, was cheering for the Sharks.

This was the first time I've ever stood to sing the American National Anthem. (It was okay to do that, even though I'm Canadian, right?) God I love it so! (Glitter and I, we'd 'a made the puppies proud.)
It felt good to sing the Canadian National Anthem too of course, I don't think we do it enough here.
I remember when I was a wee one living in Quebec(of all places) the anthem used to be played in movie houses before the feature and we all stood in the darkened theatre and sang the anthem before the flick started. But *that* doesn't happen anymore - we watch advertisements or yap on our cell phones instead now...but I digress

Back to the jeux de hockey.
The crowd was loud and enthusiastic when it needed to be.
The rabid screeching fans made way more noise than the players.
When the crowd wasn't having a melt down over a half-assed Canuck play or outraged at a Sharks brilliant shot, I was struck by how little noise comes up from the ice itself - the swish of the blades, the little claps of the sticks slapping the ice and the thunk of the puck hitting the boards was really neat to hear.
Okay, from where we were sitting I couldn't hear if the players were yelling or grunting or cussing and I was probably fortunate enough to not see them spitting or scratching or snotting. But the sounds from the ice were, well, very pretty.

A couple of fights broke out - one big, one small - and the reaction from the crowd was rather alarming. The whites of peoples eyes were practically blood red with boiling lust.
To some people there, the game wasn't good until the fist started flying apparently. ::shrug and a head shake::

Y'don't see boxers tying on skates to you?
Then don't box when you're here to play hockey.
(I'm just sayin')
And please don't tell me I've missed the whole point.
I don't have to like it.
The game was very exciting when the fights WEREN'T happening.

Bottom line - the team I wanted to win won. ::smug::

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