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I should probably be apologizing for all these apologies.

Dear Joey; I'm sorry you had to sit up all night with Chris when you could have been sleeping. I'm sorry for making you watch rental videos with Justin and JC. And I'm really sorry that you only got to watch JC sleep and not get play with him.

Dear Chris; I want to apologize for roughing you up so badly. And for you and Joey clashing. I guess I should feel bad about nearly getting you arrested, but it turned out okay in the end didn't it? But I am sorry that I made you worry that JC wasn't eating.

Dear Justin; I'm sorry I made you cry, but you're such a fucking romantic I'm sorry I made you work so hard to get exactly what you wanted. And I'm sorry I didn't make JC's present somehow more permanent.
Gee and I guess I should apologize for making you such an ASS about your solo career.

Dear Lance Bass; I'm really sorry that I made you so responsible.
And I'm sorry that you had to handle a drunken Chris while your bladder was full to bursting. And, sorry as well for not getting you more action than a massage.

Dear JC; Do you want me to be sorry that I made you wear makeup? I'm really really sorry that I made you lash out at the guys.
And I am so, so sorry that you had to listen to Chris and Justin having sex right under your bunk! And I'm really sorry I made you so mad at Chris and had you roughed up that one time in the bus.

And, while I'm at it, I'd like to apologize to you all for scaring the crap out of you. And I'd like to say sorry for the unfortunate chain reaction I started in the club.

Confession is good for the soul? Is that what they say? ::shrug::

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