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just wanna yack for yacking's sake

The flip side to Transit
Was on the receiving end of major (spelled it mager?! first) flirtage this morning from a guy that wasn't a mouth breather or a knuckle dragger. That'll never happen again.
Spotted a celebrity look-alike! *swoon* Kyel Secor/D.B. Sweeney.
(my flirter looked sorta like Allan Cumming(s?) I think that's his name, that dark haired Brit actor guy. Oh, yeah that described him well.) Not an ear-picker in sight. The transit Gods smiled down upon me today.
*NSync songs
"Forever Young" I have to confess to loving this song more than I probably should. (It nearly makes me cry. Don't ask)
This morning was no exception. It makes my chest ache - but in a good way. And I can't help think how the poor little monkeys all sound like they have head colds. Really. Go listen. They're all nasally (more so than usual) and singing through their noses.
And this just adds to my love of this song.
I can picture Justin and Jc each in their little sound booths all red nosed and puffy-eyed. Cranky and tired and not wanting to be there but Lou's looming menacingly over the engineer's shoulder so they have to sing despite feeling like crap.
And when they do, they feel every note of the song. Every word of the lyrics and actually believe what they're singing.
That's my little scenario anyway.
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" I want to have Chris' children when I hear him sing this. Or at least have fun trying to make children with him. Again, it nearly brings me to tears I love it so much.
The Grammys
My breath catches in my throat at the idea of them being together again after -what- nearly a year? When did the tour end? (is there a dvd of it coming out?)
What will they sing. Will they be given a decent amount of time to perform or be shuffled on and off the stage.
*meep* will Chris get to sing high bits?
How are they gonna look? Where's JC gonna stuff all that hair? Is he gonna go for a manicure? heehee. Will Juppy have his goatee and wear an ugly Michelin Tire Man jacket?
I wonder if Joey will get more stuff to sing. Will Lance do the Lance Dance? Will he be sober. Oh! Who said that!? Just kidding. No really. I was JUST KIDDING.
Friends Travelling
My little dill pickle is heading off to exotic locals tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn. I'm so excited for her. It makes me want to travel so badly. I'm getting itchy feet thinking about all the things she'll see, the people she'll meet (or avoid meeting...)::grins at gg:: The sights, sounds, smells. The culture, the history, the architecture. All of it.
I hope she has a wonderful time and comes back with strange and fascinating stories to tell.
Shutting up now.

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