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Mindless rambling for my own benefit that no one needs pay attention to. Carry on, just ignore all this.
Better yet, I'll cut away and let you all move along.

..yesterday I had a guy sit beside me that smelled like old, hot fish. My gag reflexes were working overtime. I had a guy sit across from me who thought it was as good a time as any to clean his ears. Got right in there with his pinky nail and did some major digging. Then - proceeded to examine closely the contents under said nail. My gag reflexes got another work-out this morning.
..on a daily basis. I used to kinda walk with my head down. Y'know, just staring at the ground ahead of me as I gallumped along. I can't do that anymore. There's just too many splatters and multi-coloured globules of phlegm/snot/mucus call it what you want, all over the sidewalk for me to look at any more. My gag reflex is reeling under the strain. I don't even want to think about what I track into my home on the bottom of my shoes at the end of the day.
..I wonder why so many of us (I'll use the 'royal' us) live from pay cheque to pay cheque? I know I do. And usually don't quite make it. And that's my own fault cause I have cradit card debts coming out my wazoo! And yes, I know there are folks in way more dire straights than I and I should be ashamed of myself for lamenting but this wankin' self pity isn't about them right now. Right now, it's all about mememe, 'this' pathetic whining little diva.
..this pay can't come soon enough! Y'know you suck big time at budgetting when 4 days before payday, you're pulling out year-old Christmas fruit cake cause that's all there is in the house to eat. I exaggerate - I also have 8 month old rice cakes.
Why does some cooking smell so much gooder when you're hungry?
Does your stomach do something to your nose? Like it sends out scouts and they signal back that there's something really yummy just over the next rise? Would you get as hungry if you didn't have taste buds or a sense of smell? I think of all the senses, taste would be the best to lose. Maybe? Yeah, I think so. But I could be wrong. I've been wrong on a number of occasions before.
..not crazy about mine. Who is,right? That's why it's called work and not pleasure. I love to listen to 'famous people' when they are asked what they think they would be doing if they weren't doing what they were famous for. Sometimes the answers please me other times I think the 'celebrity's' a pile of hooey!
What would I be doing if I wasn't doing this? I'd like to know too. I think I might pose that question in an LJ post. Hey, try out my 'polling' skills.
Well, I can't believe it. I've wound down and actually might have run out of self pity [for the time being, the battery's recharging as we speak].
I guess I'll skip off now and have a happy day. Gee, whoodathunkit that random nonsensical babbling could be so good for the soul. Watch out. there may be more of this kinda mental diarreah coming on a regular basis.
Watch this space for more.
Or not.

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