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while I'm at it...

Practice makes perfect I guess and I'm bored out of my gourd, so...I'm just gonna be a mad posting fool.

Number of letters in your last name: 8
Number of candles on your next cake: The fire department won’t let me put candles on my birthday cake anymore – fire hazard!!
Number of siblings: 2
Number of pets: 1 cat – Dakota who has enough hair/fur for two or three more cats.
Number of shoes(pairs) you own: 2 that I wear all the time and ½ doz others maybe.
Number of true friends you have: I can count them on one hand.
Number of enemies you have: not sure. Probably more than I think.
Number or windows in your room: bed room at home? 1 or room I’m in now? 0

Name something you can't live without: laughter
Name something you do that drives others NUTS!: probably more than I’m aware of!
Name something you wish you knew: What being beautiful was like.
Name something you wish you didn't know: That people can be as heartless as they are.
Name something you wish you had done when you could: Gone to see Tony & JC.
Name something you'd take back if you could: Probably something I said.

Have you ever been in love: Yes
Have you ever had a broken heart: Yes.
Have you ever broken a heart: I doubt it!
Have you ever been seduced: Yes
Have you ever been to another country: Yes.
Have you ever seen the movie Willow: Yes.

Are you bubble gum or a jawbreaker: Bubble gum.
Are you a thunderstorm or a bubble machine: Thunderstorm
Are you a ghost or zombie: Ghost.
Are you a cartoon character or a mythological figure: Cartoon character.
Are you a problem or a solution: Both
Are you guilt or shame: guilt
Are you a giant redwood or a weeping willow: Weeping Willow
Are you a skipping cd or a broken record: broken record.
Are you shaken or stirred: Shaken.
Are you a rose or daisy: Daisy
Are you a bestseller or a classic: Classic.
Are you Spring or Summer: Summer.
Are you Gold or Silver: Gold
Are you April showers or May flowers: May flowers
Are you velvet or sandpaper: Velvet
Are you a revolution or a reformation: reformation
Are you a heart or a brain: Heart
Are you a sitcom or a soap opera: sitcom.
Are you a photograph or a painting: Photograph.

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