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Justin's best friend still is his momma

Been listening to "Under Construction" Missy Elliot's new CD.
[highly recommended in this listener's humble opinion]
She (and I've noticed it from other hip-hop artists)puts all the Justin-loves-his-Mother-a-little-too-much issues to rest.
In her 2nd track "Bring the Pain(featuring Method Man)" she uses the terms 'poppy' and 'mommy' when refering to 'boyfriends'/'girlfriends'. Its a term of endearment(?)
[[hey, Ronnie Regan called big headed Nancy Mommy all the time - even before he was diagnoses with A.]]

*phew* Justin isn't whispering to his mother in some of the tracks on the "Justified" cd. What a relief.
Years of therapy avoided. thank you and good night.

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