Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

Got a couple of three questions for my friendslist...

1. Does anybody know who sings the song in new "Cobalt"(?) car commercial that's airing now?
The lyrics include: "Two of us, is just enough. Just enough to cause a fuss..."
I actually sit riveted through the whole damn commercial because I love the song so much.
Can any of you help a girl out?

2. I've been seeing promos for the new show "Pain Killer Jane" on CTV Thursdays.
Does anyone know if it's going to compliment or conflict with "Supernatural"?
Enquiring minds want to know. (it's shot here in Vancouver too. I wonder if the cast of the two shows know each other/hang around together).

3. Can someone help me with 'meta tags'. I'm not sure where they're supposed to go exactly and what kind of words and/or code I'm supposed to include/use. Any guidance, suggestions would be very appreciated.
(I know, tall order and I should buy a book on the subject right?)

Anyhat, thanks in advance if anyone responds. *smooch*

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