Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

silvrsolace, bossymarmalade and glockgal; thank you for an incredible (but too short) weekend. Let's do it again very, very soon!! Pleeeeeeeeease.
Babygirl, I still giggle like a fool when I think of your 'shout of fear'.
Stubs, can't wait to watch the dvd's!!! I betcha I shit my pants first!
Glockie, I'm refusing to let you leave for any part of the evening the next time we hang out.
ms_nerd you're rockalicious and you know it! Thank you for sharing such an awesome night with me.
Are we Supernaturaling it this Thursday(tomorrow)?
kln1671! A handsome UPS man brought a box to my door today!!!! Oh. My. G.O.D.!!! Thank you darlin'!!! and I'm not sharing any of them! bwahahahahaha! (okay maybe a couple)
crashcat Ding-dang-doodle! We's gonna eat chocolate, chocolate cupcakes April 20th baby!!!

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