Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

It's cold. It's foggy. It's rainy. It's a quiet Sunday.
Lou's on her way over to deliver my old PC tower to me.
I need it to look at what web sites look like on IE (and maybe netscape?)

I think I'll have a big glass of water and a couple of Ibuprofen for breakfast.
I don't know if Lou's going to want to 'take me out for breakfast' today or not and I shouldn't expect her to.
She's bought me more meals than I can remember. But it sure is/would be nice. I'm getting spoiled and expecting it these days. I should watch myself on that. It's the wrong attitude.

I'm going to try and get started on one or both of my homework assignments.
I think they're going to be fun. I think I'm going to take the Santa Barbara Funiture store as my Layout Design piece.

Anyway, I suppose I should get ready for company. This place is a shithole and I don't even care.
What is wrong with me?!? I should be uber embarrassed by the condition of this place. Oh well.

Okay, I'll catch you later alligator.

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