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week-ends are too short

squickgrrl honey, have a safe trip.
When are you coming back??????
I had a wonderful week-end with a majority of the Vancouver Posse (I know the others were with us in spirit)
Sushi, JC Calendar from lance_nerd, Karaoke, giving ms_nerd a signed Tony Lucca 8x10, Death by Chocolate and decadent chocolate deserts, puppies on tape, Pladium and the little dancing Lance boy (oh glockgal we'll come up with something for that bunny), LotR (again and that elf with the enormous head, just wrong and the 'flaming' Ent haha!), blue raspberry slurpy, Conan O'Brien's "Dudez-a-Plenti" and personal photos of the *NSync wax figures (thank you!!! squickgrrl), *ENTSync (that one's for bossymarmalade), Vancouver aquarium with beautiful translucent blue jellyfish, sea horses having group sex and some JoeC lovin' sea otters, fish and chips and end with a matrix.
I need a week-end to rest from this week-end.
You gals, and you all know who you are, mean the world to me!
{{hugs posse and all honourary members}}
We are *NSync!

edit: forgot to acknowledge silvrsolace for showing up to screech at karaoke with us despite being sick. Get better snookums! And to mention cuddling outside with strandia to watch the oddly mesmerizing melon headed Belugas 'perform' and who came to an aquarium despite her fear (or is it a 'phobia') of big fish.

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