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gacked from gremmie_goo who gacked it from....

My name is;

Columbine Goblinfly
she is a bringer of riches and wealth
she lives in mushroom fields (heehee) and quiet meadows
she is only seen at midday under a quiet cloudless sky

I tried JC Chasez (Joshua brought up something different)

Tangle Catglitter (seriously!)
'she' is a playful guardian of small animals
she lives at the bottom of a tangled garden and in hedgerows
she is only seen in the light of a shooting star. (seriously)

It's nearly 1:00 a.m., I should be in bed but ...

I tried Chris Kirkpatrick too

Thorn Hailglow
'she' is a protector of the lonely
she lives in brambles and blackberry bushes
she is only seen in teh light of a full moon

I'll stop now before you all come looking for me and beat me over the head with a huge mushroom.

"your fairy name"</lj>

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