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A full day of this and that

Well, I applied for two more jobs today. Yay me.
I've got my last cheque from my part-time job coming this week which means I can pay this month's rent (late but it'll be paid) Thank God.
I caught an "Ugly Betty" marathon thing of some kind a few nights ago. I.Am.SO.Hooked!
Y'know, I really wish there was a "Heroes" channel. "Heroes" all day, every day!!! Day and night. I'm itching for the new episodes to air. All "Heroes" all day/all night or maybe a combo network of a "Heroes"/"Supernatural" schedule. That would rock.
I'm really sad sometimes; I just spent 15 minutes looking for the page that lists all my friendslist's birthdays by month. Sad I tell you, sad. I missed a whole year of birthday greetings that I hope to make up for this year.
Does anybody (I'm looking right at you halowrites, oh, yeah, right at you baby) have a JC Chasez mood theme kicking around that I can pilfer? I'm not sure why my old (jchalo) one stopped working. :o(
*arghhh!!! I have portfolio pieces to print out and after way too many ruined sheets and hours of trying to fix it, I want to drop kick my (fairly new) printer across the flippin' living room. *grrrr!*
Thank you kare for the cute text message you sent. *muah* Back atchoo boobie.
I did a recount of the films my friend and I watched on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day; we watched 16 movies over those 4 days.
I signed up for three part-time classes today. If I pass them, they will get me 90 hours closer to my Certification. I need 546 total to qualify. It's going to take me 2+ years to complete all the courses.
I've now seen two friends trumpeterofdoom and alittleblue make reference to the 365 Project.
I really like the idea a lot. I'm going to participate. I'm going to post a-picture-a-day over at choopics.

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