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one of them there pointless rambles

which is quite normal for me.

How weird is this: I woke myself up this morning waving.
Yeah, the 'bye-see-you-'round-sometime' kinda waving.
Weird cause I was dreaming about LotR's Viggo guy (please don't ask me to spell his last name) and I was waving good-bye to him in my dream. ???
Yesterday's early morning dream was about Chris and the alarm clock scared any memory of it out of my head. I think we were having fun.

Last night the skytrain smelled like a yummy roasted turkey dinner.
Outside, when I got off the train, it smelled like freshly turned potting soil. Y'know that smell you get when you're repotting plants and you've got that beautiful rich, dark dirt ground in under your nails and the cat's pulled pawfuls of it out of the dirt bag when you weren't looking? That kind of smell. It was nice. ::shrugs:: However,
this morning the skytrain smelled like a wet dog that knocked over a bottle of cheap cologne. blech!
But now I have a sweet smelling vanilla latte and xmas!sync playing.
Things are pretty good I'd say.

“Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.”
--William James

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