Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

They closed the school

Nearly all the schools in the whole lower mainland are closed today. "SNOW DAY"
They closed Langara 'until further notice'.
Yay! (even if it means we have to find a day down the road for a make-up class, whatever.)
Because of the unexpected break, I got to go for a walk this morning in the snow and took some pictures.
It's almost Post Card Perfect out there right now.

Frozen run off

The wooden benches outside the New Westminster Public Library

A beautiful snowy canopy

Snowy cedar

Snowy Willow

Snowy Crow Purch (or is that perch?)

And now I'm home with icy toes and frozen fingers and a nose as red as Rudolph's.

Oh, I just glanced outside now and the snow's starting to fall again.

ms_nerd you should head home now before it get worse (and the city closes the 'brow of the hill')

And now I really should crack open AfterEffects and pretend I know what to do for my final project.

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