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good idea, yes?

This is all coolbandchick's fault.

I agreed with one of her posts that JC should have at some point in the video been in a band uniform. [shuddup] and both agree that we should have had some say in the making of said video...well...that got me thinking...scary I know.

Y'know the 'Becoming' series?
They should totally have the 'Video Director' series.
It would be like - a band is looking to do a new video and some lucky shmuck gets picked to direct it.
Do the whole nine yards. Sit with the band (*squee*) during the brain storming sessions, the concept meetings, the costume design, the choreography, the storyboarding...etc, etc.
Well, I think it would be pretty cool.

And while I'm at it let's move into 'reality television' for a moment.
I really think they should do an 'actors' version of American Idol.
We'd get to see all these aspiring wannabe's audition for a new show created for them to become stars in.
We'd see the rehearsals, etc, etc.
And then the series gets a shot like everything else in September when the networks try and shove new shows at us.
They'd either be a hit or a miss. I think people would watch. Don't you?
So there y'go.

(weird for me to think about this - I don't watch reality television.
(Would rather lose an eye.)

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