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rant-ish post

Public transit and/or people in general can make OR break one's day. For example...

Why people? Why do you have such an aversion to sitting in the
'window' seat? Why do you insist on parking your flabby assed keesters in the aisle seat and not move when the train starts filling up?
And why?! Why do you cattle-like-morons who shuffle in, not hip-check these seat hogs into fucking tomorrow and sit down?!
I know why - because you'd rather sway about like a demented marionette on one string and bonk the rest of us in the head with your purse/knapsack/dufflebag [or insert your own weapon of choice]

::shakes bruised head::

And mister, if that fugly piece of shit briefcase you're guarding with your life has a valid transfer then it have every right to take up a seat - but I doubt it does so get it the fuck off the seat and let somebody sit down.

And then there's this to counter balance that nonsense;

So, I goes and gets me a coffee this morning eh, and like the coffee shop chick's got this big smile on her face and she's lookin' at me eh, (not looking at me funny-like, and not in a 'hey-I-think-you're-cute-wanna-date-me' kinda way, and she says(handing me my vanilla latte); "Your hat's all sparkly!"
And we both giggled, cuz obviously we're both 12.
Cuz, like it's raining out eh, and the drops of rain, and they, the light was hitting...oh, never mind. She turned my morning around, eh. I'm just sayin'...!

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