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the bma's what else

Can JC get any more adorable?!
He's got an interesting 'aura' about him these days.
A kind of sedate confidence.
He's not as twitchy and hurried when he talks.
[- if it's because he's half baked half the time I would encourage him to get the stuff prescribed.]
~And I'm having happy thoughts about my long haired bohemian so I won't wander into his choice of dates for the evening cause 'the Tool' keeps surfacing and he and her and now...::shudder::

Justin was incredible. Loved the live arrangement of CMAR!
His little foooooooooooooot!!!
Was all that mist piped in to hide his cast? :o)
His goatee is mucho HAWT!!!
Had me thinking of a Jason Priestly/young Paul Newman mix.
I wonder if Timberlake's ever been interested in racing?
He *did* win that 'I'm-gonna-park-my-car-crooked-before-you!' race in "Girlfriend" didn't he...
[Never thought I'd have JRT so high in my rankings.
The little fucker's working his way up there.]

They both looked wonderful. I'm a tiny bit disappointed that it wasn't the whole litter of pups but, the two divas on the same night was great for me.

and GIP -> I made a Dickens!Chris Christmas icon. teehee

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