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ms_nerd roared by and picked me up after her work. It was our night to check out the local studios and/or location shoots in the neighbourhood. We haven't been out looking for any since the last time we watched Papa Luther shoot half a dozen takes in the rain. We were long over due!

We didn't see any of the Smallville cast but stopped and got a shot of

Also took a shot of the gathering clouds at dusk - we're *(crosses fingers)* possibly going to get thunderstorms tonight / tomorrow.

Then! Then! *hee!* We drove by the Supernatural studios over there ->. We were severely stared down by a surly security guard as we drove by so there was no way for us to stop or even slow down to take a better look at or take a picture of the Sexy Black Impala parked on the road. *Guh!* Black, shiny and! [[Does that mean that it survived the finale crash?]] They were/are still inside shooting at this hour because as we drove by the studio itself, we saw a tall, gangly, poofy-haired, paisley-shirt-wearing Jared Padelecki hanging around just outside the door.

My goal before they're finished shooting for the season is to get a shot of the car (at least)!!! . . . . I wonder if we could soften up that guard with some timbits. What do you think, ms_nerd? Wanna try that next time? :o)


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