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Upstate New York in Summer

So, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Skidmore College - other than it's a liberal arts college in Upstate New York.

Y'see, I'm kind of all excited and scared.
I may have a ten week teaching position at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. I should know by mid March if I'm the 'successful candidate'.
They left me a message asking for info for the (work) visa application.
My current employer here in Vancouver, B.C. is cool about me taking a sabbatical over the summer so I could go.
So, I'm kinda sorta excited about maybe working in the States for the summer.

AND! Stubbleglitter and Glockgal are gonna flat sit for me while I'm back east and feed Dakota and (hopefully) remember to water my plants and check my mail better than I do while I'm away. Right?

Okay, I've just gone and jinxed myself haven't I?!


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