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warning...warning...warning... /whining ahead!

I suspected this would eventually arrive...

Begin rant here:
::heavy sighing:: ::moping:: ::grinding down the enamel on my teeth:: ::sinking into a possible depression:: ::use too many ::'s while ranting::
I hate school. I hate ALL the courses. I hate most of the teachers. I hate all the fucking stupid pointless assignments. I hate my unbelievably fucking annoying inability to learn or retain anything shown me.

Quoting Beatrix Potter: "when in danger, when in doubt. Run in cirlces, scream and shout!"

Can you tell end of term is breathing down my aching knotted-muscle neck?!

[and, scene]

Okay, I know, I'm feeling very sorry for myself and freaking out just a little about end-of-term, so, what do I do instead of dealing with things? Waste valuable time of course!
I decided to visit unaware - that I haven't been there in ages and fiddled with the 'index' page of a fic I wrote last year just before Christmas.


I feel another freak-out-rank-attack coming on so I better get the hell out of here.

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