Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

1. Poor Britney, she can't even buy a break can she!?! Someone needs to look after her.
2. Is thinking about Chris Kirkpatrick in a Supernatural fic bad?
3. Long week-end? Cue: clouds (rain to folow close on their heels)
4. Is "Poseidon" really as stinky as they say it is?
5. Green dish soap turns nearly white when left in the freezer over night. Freezes to the consistency of butter.
5a. Thawed out soap produces the perfect photographable bubbles (that shaking does not)
5b. Dish soap bubble photo shoot can be qualified as a success.
6. I scanned my cat's bellies for a class assignment tonight. Both were model, er, models.
7. A moment of silence for kln1671's G.I.Joe Action Marine. He's on that Freedom Bird in the Sky.
8. Oh, ToD...good times, good times.
10. There is no nine.

Oh, look, X-Men's on....

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