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I don't know if this has been posted somewhere but thought I'd post it in case.

JC asked whether the band's broken up'...

November 18, 2002
'N Sync's JC: "We're Not Broken Up!"
Monday, November 18, 2002

'N Sync's JC: "We're Not Broken Up!"

As Justin Timberlake's Justified album grapples with Eminem's 8 Mile soundtrack atop the charts, 'N Sync lovers worry that solo careers are tearing the boy band apart. How do the pop heartthrobs respond to fans who cry, "I Want You Back" — as in together? "We're not broken up," JC Chasez tells TV Guide Online. "We just basically hit the pause button.
"We've been banging it out hardcore for seven years," the affable hipster explains. "People forget that we've been doing this since we were like 17 years old. Justin was, like, 14 when we began this! It's been going on that long, and people don't even realize. We need a breather."
But that doesn't mean they're saying, "Bye Bye Bye," kids. Sums up Chasez: "We're each going to do a bunch of stuff, then come back together and make a brand new album." He adds that 'N Sync's official reunion will happen "probably at the end of next year. What's going to be great about it is because we're going out to experience different things, we'll all come back with something new to bring to the table and talk about. It will be very refreshing, with new ideas!
"In the meantime," the 26-year-old crooner continues, "I just finished doing a single for a movie called Drumline. I'm also starting a writers' forum website called in December or January. It'll be a place where songwriters can get public feedback, instead of throwing out a song and letting the charts tell you how it's doing. I'll start it up with my own original material I'm writing, and take the fans' feedback. It's a fun little experiment." — Daniel R. Coleridge

And we'll be part of his fun little experiment.

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