Chootoy (chootoy) wrote,

a g.i.p of sorts I guess.
It's Denny. It's Izzy. It's Denny and Izzy.
I'm considering adding text that says: Denny + Izzy = Dizzy

I haven't seen this promo picture from Prison Break before.

Now. How am I supposed to watch two finales at one time? (I know I can record one but, isn't it better to watch it as it's happening and not after everyone else has seen it and commented on it?)

I've got to try and watch CSI:miami and Prison Break at the same time.
And I'm sooo glad that we're getting the Grey's two hour finale tonight and not having to wait until Sunday. Yay.

But. Is it true that that useless doofus everybody's favourite Bush is pre-empting shows tonight?
Will that affect Canadian networks too....?

:::gives George Dubbla the ol'stink eye!::

and now back to homework

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