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I hear the sirens, they're starting again. Run! RUN!!!

I went to see "Silent Hill" last night...
My stomach was in knots for hours afterwards it was that INTENSE!!!
-and I thought watching someone playing the game was nerve wracking.
Sweet Mother of God!

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy getting the crap scared out of me, I was blown away by:
1) the amazing camera work. very, very cool!!!
2) the crazy set dec. Holy shit! The details were farkin' amazing!!! No detail was too small!
3) the music/score/sound effects. ::shudder:: true to the game and wonderfully terrifying!!!

If anybody wants any of these, help yourself.

I may have to go see it again to concentrate on the rest of the technical stuff I was too terrified to really appreciate.

(Hey girls, if I'm lucky, I'll get to see one of those Surrey "Asses" driving one of those massive manly-man bikes.......) edit: 1. I googled "mini motorcycles" They are known as "pocket bikes" and apparently very popular in Canada. WTF?! 2. I google images'd the little nasties and oddly enough NONE of the image show any ASSES riding the stupid things. ::shakes head:: Dumb stupid ass NOISY useless piles of crap!

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