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I've been UP since 5:00a.m.-ish. W.H.Y.????
At 5a.m. my brain does strange things like try to think.
And now since I'm showered and feeling all chipper which might last another 14 minutes I will babble like the fool I am.


'giddy UP'
'blowin' me UP [with her love]'
'what UP dork?'
'movin' UP the charts'
'get it UP' teehee
'UP against the wall'
'it's UP to you'
'UP for grabs'
'fed UP'
'UP in arms'
'UP 'til now'
'heads UP'
'UP and coming'
'just make something UP'
'throw UP' ::blech::
'give it UP for..'
'time's UP'
'make UP your mind'
'UPdate journal'
'on the UP and UP'
'get UP on the dance floor'
'don't hang UP!'
'what are you UP to?'

okay, I've got to go dry my hair so you add to the UP list if you're UP to it. Hey, it's Friday and I've been up since 5.

::hits self UPside the head::

I'll stop now.

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