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House of Blues

For a brief moment of insanity, I thought I might be going down to L.A. to have a Chasez/Lucca experience and then die happy but it is not to be.
However I was looking around the HoB site for permission and stuff and found what might be good to know for those going to the show -

general info

House of Blues is a 1000 person capacity, 3 story venue...[...snippage...]
There is a no flash photography policy.
All video taping requests must be advanced with HOB at least 3 days in advance. A release or contract must be signed for any video taping. Any video production greater than a consumer camcorder must be cleared in advance through Aron Levine's office at 323.769.4983 (HOB VP of Production).
All photographers and members of the press must obtain clearance from our Publicity Department. (Anjali Raval).

So from the looks of it - you don't have to 'bootleg' the show.
If anyone does bring a camcorder and/or camera I'd love to see the show and/or stills of it.

I hope the show's fantastic!!!! Please tell us all about it if you go.

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