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Yay! I'm successfully hooked up to the internet at home!!! wheeee! I found and bought one GIG of RAM for $139.00.

I've been thinking about the sex and/or name of my shiny new aluminum PowerBook.
I think it's a boy and I think I might be calling him PeanutButter. Or Peanut for short.
Or should I christain him with a fandom-y name? Or something ancestral that works in the 'mac' into it?

Chasesters? for JC Chasez + Winchester brothers of Supernatural?
ChaSam? for JC Chasez + Sam Winchester?
macDuff? macDaddy?

Hmmm....Am I just bonkers?
How many of you have named your gizmos, whatsits or thingamabobbers?
Did you have to really think about the name or did it just come to you?

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